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For a people friendly professional prestigious Police Service.


To protect, promote and safeguard the interests and welfare of its members as a body,
To promote mutual respect and goodwill amongst its members and to encourage loyalty and co-operation in the best interest of the Public Service to take such steps as are incidental and conducive to the attainment of this object.


History (in brief) of the formation of the Sri Lanka Police Inspectors Association

This prestigious Association was established in the year 1945, under the direction of Lieutenant Colonel R.R.M. Bacon during his tenure of office as the Inspector General of Police. Today the Association had completed 70 years and the total membership is 9000 approximately) which includes women cadre too.

The Executive Committee of this Association is elected at the General Assembly held annually in accordance with the SLPIA Constitution. The important factors that contributed for the formation of this Association, which led Lt.Col. Bacon to do so was, that the Officers (Gazetted Ranks) of the Police Force must treat this body in a helpful and sympathetic manner and must disburse their minds that such formation is an excuse for the undermining of discipline. The second is that the lowest ranks themselves must select their representatives with sound judgment and acumen. The barrack room lawyers agitate and the soap box orators are not the type who will succeed in obtaining sympathy hearing from their superiors.

But if a genuine effort is made to pick out the steady experienced reasonable minded officer which in turn will help the authorities to derive considerable benefit from the representations that they may put forward. In the words of Lt. Col. Bacon, it is invaluable for the senior officers to have a sounding box amongst the lower ranks on which they can place reliance rather than to have to scarps of information of doubtful which reliability may come to their ears by accident.

The first Chairman was the Inspector of Police, B.C Wijemanne who held the post of chairman with effect from 16.09.1945 to 16.11.1946. At that time, he functioned as the Registrar of Fingerprints, Fingerprint Bureau, Colombo.